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BROKK remotely controlled demolition robots – INTELLIGENT DEMOLITION POWER.

Success in demolition projects requires smarter work, finding new ways that increase efficiency, profitability, give you a clear competitive advantage and at the same time increase your safety. This is where Brokk appears.

Today, thousands of remote-controlled Brokk demolition robots are used in successful projects in over 100 countries around the world. We don’t stop there. We are constantly working on improving our machines to make sure Brokk continues to be your number one. The Brokk concept is constantly evolving with new machines, new technologies and new services. However, the basic idea is still the same. Development of equipment and services that are built for its intended purpose: safe, efficient, strong and profitable demolition.

BMTG company runs sole distribution and service in Poland remotely controlled demolition robots from the Swedish company Brokk AB.

      For more information and diamond tools please contact us..
      For Brokk products, for countries other then Poland, please contact your local distributor or the manufacturer.

      Manufacturer webside: