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About BMTG

      The company specializes in the production of diamond blades and diamond core drill bits for professional cutting and drilling companies in the construction industry.
      BMTG produces the highest quality:
– diamond segments,
– diamond blades,
– diamond core drill bits,
– other diamond tools for cutting and drilling in artificial, and natural stone.

Diamond core drill bits
Diamond coredrill
Wiertła koronowe diamentowe
BMTG - Fabryka Narzędzi Diamentowych

      We specialise in the field of cutting and drilling in construction. In our factory we use state of the art machines such as for example CNC fiber laser welding machines for circular diamond saw blades and for diamond core drill bits.

Tarcza diamentowa
Looping blade. Expansion Joints Widening Blade
Segment diamentowy spawany laserowo
Segment diamentowy / diamond segment