About BMTG

     The BMTG company operates in highly specialized industries on the Polish and foreign markets. It focuses on investments in advanced technologies and human capital. We combine over 20 years of successful company history.
       We manufacture high-quality diamond segments and tools, we distribute exclusively and service of the state of the art machines for working with diamond tools, and distribute exclusively and service remotely controlled Brokk demolition robots. 

BMTG - Fabryka Narzędzi Diamentowych

Thanks to the extensive knowledge and the most modern technology in our factory we can proudly say that we can produce the one of the best diamond tools available today on the market. 
Extensive experience gained in the field of distribution and service support gave us great experience in the field of automation, hydraulics and mechanics.
       We are convinced that all these achievements are a great starting point for the development and to increase customers satisfaction.