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Business Areas

Tarcza diamentowa, wiertło diamentowe

BMTG - Production of diamond tools

The BMTG company produces the highest quality diamond segments and tools, adapted and customised to the individual preferences of the customer, the material being processed, the machine used, etc.
     Production using the powder metallurgy method was launched in 2005.
     Thanks to extensive experience, automated production and investments in research and development, it offers the highest quality diamond segments and tools, that enjoy a very good reputation among Polish and foreign customers.

BROKK - Intelligent demolition power

BROKK remotely controlled demolition robots – INTELLIGENT DEMOLITION POWER.
Success in demolition projects requires smarter work, finding new ways that increase efficiency, profitability, give you a clear competitive advantage and at the same time increase your safety. This is where Brokk appears.
        BMTG company runs sole distribution and service in Poland remotely controlled demolition robots from the Swedish company Brokk AB.

Brokk 500
Pentruder 8-20HF IQ

PENTRUDER - Concrete cutting and drilling systems


      All Pentruder devices are manufactured in Tractive’s own factory, with precision, from the best materials, on the most modern machines. The company has over 35 years of experience in the design of concrete cutting equipment.
     The BMTG Marek Gelbert company runs the sole distribution and service of Tractive products in Poland.